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Tressler, Your Yoga companion

Tressler, Your Yoga companion

In today fast-paced world people barely have time to relax and take a break from the demanding schedules. They hardly mind the store to fitness and keeping them healthy. The increasing growth rate of diseases echoes that it is high time now, we need to take a moment and think about practicing yoga in our daily routine. It is believed that by deploying the body into a better alignment we re-direct energy in the body, concentrate it and built it. The energy is then utilized by the body to perform the various tasks.

Practitioners say that yoga unlocks the door to all the diseases and health-related issues. But practicing yoga isn’t easy as it seems. It is very important to learn the right body postures in ords, but in order to experience such lightness, they need a solid foundation to provide the stability that enables the sense of freedom. Thus Tressler is the best companion for all the yoga enthusiasts. er to have right benefits of yoga.

Few of the most challenging body postures people find hard to practice are Trikonasana, Parivrutha Trikonasana or Forwarding Bending or Back bending. But there is a tool called “Yoga Tressler” which acts as a support and helps the yoga students in easily doing the balancing part.

The Yoga Tressler is generally used by senior citizens, elderly people and physically challenged to run-through difficult yoga postures. This acts as a tool for passive inversion and easy balancing.

As the tool helps to keep the body in the yoga position for a longer duration, this gives the maximum benefits of the asana. Also, Increases the sense of confidence within the students and beginner to stick to the exercises regularly and doing advance exercises.

The physical body of Tressler is assembled using layers of laminated pine or beech. This ensures that the tool has exceptional strength and stability. This is a durable and puissant tool that can be used in studios and at home for private purposes.

The experts state that yoga is practiced for a feeling of lightness, freedom, buoyancy in our pose


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