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SAY Yoga Special

SAY Yoga Special

SAY Yoga Special

We are offering unique yoga classes which incorporate teaching and practice of yoga for lofts or private zones, for the legislature or non-government open areas. Special tailor-made yoga classes are designed for individuals in penitentiaries, for corporate organisations, and for understudies and instructors in schools and universities.

Customized Yoga for Apartments

Yoga is an extraordinary approach to get fit, enhance your wellbeing, and de-stress. Regardless of whether you are an accomplished yogi or need to attempt it out of the blue, you are certain to locate the ideal class at Shankara Ashtanga Yoga (SAY). SAY gives you a dynamic yoga environment in an empowering domain and a group of instructors and yogis who will give a shout out to you consistently.

Govt and Non-Govt Public

SAY-Yoga offers an assortment of classes for government and non-government open divisions. With our yoga studio, you will feel casual and revived. Our studio includes a capable stream style of yoga that will convey a powerful exercise in a quiet and state of the art institute.

Special Yoga Classes for Prisons

Our submitted yoga instructor Sri Rajesh Kumar likewise gives uncommon yoga session in jail. Our Prison Programs empower contender to join the standard when they are out of the jail. It gives them self-assurance and encourages them to relinquish accuse that they made amid their term.

For Corporate Sectors

There is a gigantic need and a quickly developing interest for corporate yoga as more organizations have turned out to be progressively cognizant about the expenses of stress. Shankara Ashtanga Yoga (SAY-Yoga) is an awesome present for the professional workplace versus other exercise exercises since yoga suits distinctive aptitudes and capacities and gives push help benefits. Today a normal representative is working for more hours, has significantly more noteworthy duties and managing weights and difficulties that have never confronted. Our corporate yoga class’s not just advantages workers by enhancing confidence and decreasing anxiety, however, can have a general effect of upgrading the whole professional workplace.

Weekend Yoga For Busy People

SAY conducts weekend yoga sessions for busy working professionals on Saturdays and Sundays at its Institute and as well as in Corporate offices, Business Centers Etc.,

Yoga for Students and Teachers
in Schools and Colleges

Shankara Ashtanga Yoga’s best yoga coaches additionally give their uncommon yoga classes or session for various understudies and instructors in schools and also in universities. Our extraordinary yoga sessions for understudies and educators help them to diminish feelings of anxiety, join with physical action of mindfulness, makes a brain-to-body association which numerous understudies and instructors need.

Non-Yogic Activity


SAY additionally gives non yoga exercises or activities by their best yoga mentors like Sri Rajesh Kumar, Chandrasekhar Natarajan among others. . In these non-yogic exercises, the vast majority of our schedules  comprise non yoga practices and  only a couple of our exercises have simple yoga extends toward the end. We keep them simple in the event that you wish to skip yoga sessions. Further developed exercisers or applicants can come  to the center, and undertake  more fundamental ones for warm-ups for rest days.

Yoga Retreat

After much experimenting and exploration on how to integrate trekking and yoga, we found a winning formula. Our yoga treks and tours have been carefully designed to combine the best elements of each. We provide a gentle trekking schedule, healthy food, stretches for weary muscles, pranayama exercises to ease breathing and time to relax, reflect and enjoy the different location and in the middle of  Nature (Resorts, Hotels and Hill Stations)

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