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SAY celebrated Arogya Diwas on the occasion of Ratha saptami on the 12th feb 2019. The event was marked by invocation to lord Surya and performance of 108 suryanamaskaras by students and teachers of SAY.  The programmes took place between 6 am and 8 am at the Kitturi Rani Chennamma stadium Jayanagar.

More than 170 students participated in the event which was marked by much fervour and enthusiasm.  As the sun rose, the event unfolded with precision and piety as all the participants performed the suryanamaskaras with complete synchronization.

The major highlights of the event were the participation of visually challenged students and more than a few senior citizens. SAY has been associated with awake Vishwa seva Foundation for the visually challenged, Bangalore and has been conducting yoga classes for these students for more than a year now.  The students are highly committed and motivated. We were proud to have ten of the visually challenged students perform 108 suryanamaskaras along with the regular participants.  We are proud to be associated with them and to help them rise above their challenges.

The event also saw active participation from the senior citizen group. There were more than 13 senior citizens, with the oldest among them at 83 years, who performed 108 suryanamaskaras.

SAY has always believed that yoga is for everyone and the participation of all the above was a validation of our core beliefs. Neither age nor disability are a deterrence to the performance of yoga, or indeed to life itself. The Arogya Diwas event was a celebration of human endurance and spirit.

The event concluded with an address by our chief guests for the day, Smt. Sowmya Reddy , Honourable MLA , Jayanagar , Bangalore and shri N.Nagaraju. Corporator, Byrasandra ward, BBMP






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