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Our Yoga Process

Yoga pranayama

The practice of yoga pranayama wards off disease and helps to maintain alertness .

Yoga Practice

Practice of Yoga asanas is the dance of every cell with the music of every breath that creates inner serenity and harmony.

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra helps conserve and consolidate this energy and relax the entire system.

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Morning Class

Batch No.1 and Batch No.2

Monday - Friday: 6.15am - 9.00am
Saturday: 6.15am - 9.00am

Noon Class

Batch No.3 Exclusive Ladies batch

Monday - Friday: 11.30am -12.45pm
Saturday: 11.30am -12.45pm

Evening Therapy Class

Regular classes from 5.30-8PM

Monday - Friday: 4.00 pm - 5.15 pm
Saturday: No Evening classes

Our Blogs

Happy Customers

I have attended yoga session at SAY for only two months. Even Such a short time revealed a difference in my back muscle strength, The sessions were effective and enjoyable at the same time.The instructors are very friendly and committed. I would suggest everybody to practice yoga for a healthy life.

Dr.Soundaran Karthik

Pediatrician And Diabetologist

"My experience of 2 weeks daily yoga iyengar with SAY was very instructive. The yoga room is perfectly equiped and organized to ease the collective practise of various Asanas . The instructions of Asanas are explained very clearly and changing along each daily batch. Teacher is attentive to medical complications and focusing to adapt healing postures. Teacher(s) is-are also convivial and supportive to enhance progress and keep up motivation. The bonus is that trainees are communicative and friendly to each other during the sessions. Let’s try and keep on Iyengar Yoga with SAY group !"

Isabelle HAMAIDE

Paris - France Psychologist and Hypno-Therapist

"I have had an amazing experience so far at SAY. All teachers are highly knowledgeable on Yogasanas and very passionate in imparting their learnings. However, it goes beyond that … the ecosystem is supportive and geared towards improving overall wellness of every individual."

Krishna Prasad

Say yoga student

"Joining Shankara Ashtanga Yoga (SAY) has been one of the best decisions we have taken in our lives. After joining SAY we have found new meaning to our lives and look forward to each day with great enthusiasm and joy. The teachers at SAY are exemplary and are pillars of patience and integrity. They pay personalized attention to each student taking great effort to understand the strong and weak points of each. Every one is made to feel comfortable and happy even though they are made to stretch beyond their abilities in accomplishing the yoga sessions of the day. The infrastructure and ambience at SAY enhances the participant experience and makes each session elevating.
We thank you once again for the joy you have brought to our lives"

Harini and Sharada

South Indias best classical singers

"I am delighted to share my wonderful experiences of the practice of yoga and how it's helped me and made me a better individual , both physically and emotionally.
Before the start of yoga, was going through irregular periods , PCOS & was Type 2 diabetic. As of today ie after a period of 18 months of practice, am glad to notice tremendous positive body changes ie having regular periods , the cysts caused because of PCOS are no more & not a bit of bloating in the body. Had started sweating, which never happened after the hormonal imbalance and lost quite a few kilos of body weight, feeling lighter as an individual, and better in my skin.
Previous to practice of yoga, had never felt this good. As an individual have become more calm, energetic and better aware of my body. Have to say, developed endurance in my postures, totally love the feeling of feeling light , cheerful, calm and composed as an individual. Have certainly evolved as an individual both in terms health and emotion.
My sincere and Special thanks to our beloved yoga Guru Mr Rajesh who's helped me achieve what I am today as healthy person. His cool & compassionate nature, his motivating words has certainly made me more aspirational to keep going with the good and make it better.
My friends and yoga mates from the 11.30 batch are always motivating , kind and cheerful ,certainly a time and presence I look forward to spend each day. With the motivation of such fine company of friends, it keeps us pushing to perform better by the day.
All I can say is, my experience with SAY is certainly a journey to be cherished for long and will continue to cherish in the future . The whole experience is addictive, infectious and unforgettable to become a healthy and evolve as better individual. A big applause and cheers to SAY , my guru and lovely friends of the batch. Long live YOGA and cheers!! Looking forward to learn more for long !!"


Say yoga student

"I joined SAY in 2006 at a rather advanced age of 60 after my retirement . I should thank Chandru Sir from the bottom of my heart for making me join SAY. Prior to my retirement my job involved commuting everyday 50kms (to and fro) through the heavy Bangalore traffic in addition to job pressures of deadlines, production targets etc. After attending yoga classes for a few months I could feel a great change in me. I felt more energetic and could sleep better ( I could kick out my bad habit of taking a sleeping pill to get sleep). In April 2011 I had to undergo a heart bypass surgery ( to correct 3 blocks detected during a routine checkup). My recovery after the surgery was very fast and I attribute it to my yoga practice. I could blow the color balls in the Respirometer ( used to check lung capacity) to the maximum level just after two days. Now I am 71 years old but my body is fairly flexible and my stamina is good. I would like to thank SAY team for this. Best regards S.Krishnan"


Say yoga student

"Hello everyone, SAY was introduced by my father to me around early 2015 which was then practised at Ashoka pillar. Gradually with my irregular practice followed by regular alternative days and today I make sure I practice everyday. Practice of YOGA gives me an immense fitness both physically as wells as mentally. The everyday practice helps me remain charged up with utmost calmness of both body & mind. The certain changes that I really observed over time is * I have a real time control over my mind & anger. * Quick decision making * Improved my memory power And, being ACTIVE till the end of my day. Towards the end, I urge everyone to make YOGA as a part of your daily routine for a healthy & peaceful life. Thank You."

Shailesh Lalmani Vishwakarma

Say yoga student

"First and foremost, a big salute to all my Gurujis for introducing me to the world of Yoga and making yoga as my fitmess mantra! It has been 2.5 years of fabulous journey I am having with SAY. The dedication of Gurujis,the way asanas are practiced, ambience, syllabus,attention given to each and every student - Just amazing I would say,the pleasure we get from Yoga cannot be explained rather it should be experienced Thank you SAY!"


Say yoga student

"I am nagamani 53 years old. I Suffered severe low back pain last year. I was finding it difficult to do my normal chores at home..bending forward and getting up from floor would seem a herculean task. I didn't know what to do, tried different treatments but in vain it didn't help me. My sister convinced me to join yoga saying she saw people get better after doing yoga, so I joined in the month of September 2017 . Thanks to her , in 3 months I am almost feeling normal , no pain in my back and I feel energetic and enthusiastic . I wait eagerly for my yoga classes. I take this opportunity to thank Rajesh sir and Chandra Shekhar sir for motivating us and making the yoga classes so interesting with different sequences each day.thanks for their dedication and commitment ."

Smt.Nagamani Keshavamurthy

Sayyoga student

"Hello friends, I am very proud to be associated with SAY, after its inauguration in Jayanagar. * I have come along with SAY till this day. * Have seen the growth of SAY, and of course myself along with it. * At SAY you get to learn the asanas in a very beautiful, spacious and comfortable studio with useful and convenient props . * At SAY, Gurus are ever smiling. They teach as many times , without getting irritated by the students. * With full patience, they make all the students to understand and do all the asanas irrespective of age. * For me, its been an overall development both physically and mentally. * Love to keep up this journey with SAY forever. Thank you @SAY SuneethaMylar."


Say yoga student

" I've been practicing yoga since last 4 months. Even though I'm pretty new to it, I've already improved my posture, movement, flexibility, balance and stretchs. It is because their teachings allow me to experience a deeper understanding of my body, is limitations and encourages me to go deeper into a posture than I could. I ve gained a lot in terms of strength and overall focus. Along with a pose, they explain the importance and the benefits of that pose. We are made to use few props, which helps anyone to perform a challenging pose.Overall it's a great place to improve yourself physically and mentally"


Say yoga student

"My experience with *Shankara Ashtanga Yoga* *(SAY)* is amazing; the teachers are so friendly and helpful. At *SAY*, Yoga is thought on *Patanjali Maharishi’s 8 limbs/Ashtanga principles, Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Prathyagara, Dharana, Dhyana & Samadhi The practice at *SAY* has given me a relaxing effect and really gave me the mental space to absorb lots of knowledge and experience. I am happy to recommend *SAY* to everyone who wants to explore something different and go within oneself. Thank you to the whole *SAY Team!"


Sayyoga student

"I joined SAY an year back this one year I don't know how it passed.everday s a new class for me.benifits r countels. I can go on writing about the way u take the class,the motivation,guidance,explation n finally the great satisfaction. I appreciate the discipline maintained during the conduct of the class. After the class r over everyday I feel rejuvenated"


Sayyoga student

Joining SAY should mark as one of the defining points in my life. When I was coaxed into joining SAY by my wife, I was very reluctant. I did not trust my body and had become very insecure about my ability to do any form of exercise. Within a few days, I opened-up, started smiling again and started to trust my 'self' and my body. This was only because of gently persuasive yoga sessions under Sri Rajesh Sir and team - Sriyuths Chandrashekar, Kishore, Urmila and others. Today I can confidently walk around with confidence and a smile. The yoga sessions with different themes for different days keep the disciples interested and enthusiastic all the time. The treatment for different age groups is so carefully done, keeping in mind the strengths and challenges of every disciple, that one always come out of any class charged-up. SAY feels like a home away from home and that's due to the extremely warm nature of the team, lead so ably well by Sri Rajesh Sir, who besides being versatile yoga exponents are warm-hearted teachers. Their dedication to the cause of teaching yoga and creating a healthy and happy neighborhood is truly remarkable. May their tribe grow. - Best regards, Dr. V. KRISHNA Professor & Chairperson Department of Post Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering Head, Process Modelling Research Laboratory (PMR Lab) Research Domain: Thermo-Fluids Engineering Cultural Convener PES University, Bangalore


Professor & Chairperson Department of Post Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering,PES University, Bangalore - 560085